Baltimore: Arrest of 12 Protesters

Key details:

14/08/2016 from UK

  • 12 Protesters Arrested at FOP Conference in Baltimore.
  • It followed riots Saturday in Milwaukee over a fatal police shooting, the latest such incident to stoke unrest between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Also, the protest comes following the release of a Justice Department report that detailed decades of wrongdoing within the Baltimore Police Department, including discrimination against blacks and use of excessive force.
  • The group, some of whom were with the activist group Baltimore BLOC, were joining hands and carrying signs that read “Abolish Racist F.O.P.”
  • After refusing orders to leave about 1:45 p.m., officers and firefighters cut the demonstrators’ chains and took them into custody. They’re charged with trespassing.
  • In a statement, the group said they are targeting the FOP because they prioritize the legal protection of their officers over public safety
  • The Baltimore protest in the sweltering Sunday afternoon sun was punctuated by the familiar Black Lives Matter call-and-response chants of “This is what democracy looks like!” and “No justice, no peace! Jail killer police!”