An update on Nigeria’s security today

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16/12/2016 from Nigeria

National Security is defined as the protection of people, way of life and territory by the government (Jordan et al, 2011). It does not only cover physical security, but also any form of ‘national’ issues, which may include economic, political and military disputes (Jordan et al, 2011). The security of a nation is very important for its success and this is why Nigeria’s security is a crucial topic of discussion today. This piece aims to explain recent events depicting why Nigeria’s security is still threatened.

Generally, the popular opinion is that the security in Nigeria has recently improved. But has it actually? Because Boko Haram no longer holds any territory in the state alone does not necessarily mean the security of the nation has improved. Does lack of territory prevent them from carrying out their brutal acts? Recently there was a bomb that went off in Maiduguri, the former Boko Haram stronghold, carried out by two female suicide bombers (Premium Times, 2016). This attack, claimed by Boko Haram killed up to 45 people. Adding to that, Boko Haram has ambushed three Lieutenant Colonels (Ibrahim and Haruna, 2016). Nigerian soldiers are dying and these are the people who are to protect the citizens from such threats. Thus although they’ve been weakened, they have not been crushed because they have proven to still have the resources to carry out horrific acts

People’s views on this matter of whether Nigeria’s security has improved or not may vary depending on their location in the country. It can be argued that security has not in fact been enhanced because there are still conspicuous threats from the Niger Delta militants, armed robbery, kidnapping, and much more.

There have been several threats to Nigeria’s security as of recent. Niger Delta militants being one of the main problems in the country, attacked Nigeria’s oil region which has led to a loss of 1.5 trillion Naira for Nigeria as reported on the 14th of December 2016 by Premium times (2016).  This is a serious threat to the Nigerian economy and so can be seen as a national security issue. The Nigerian population especially over the past 12 months has suffered various attacks as shown in statistics mentioned by Oweni (2016).  He stated that in Lagos (one of the most populous states in the country) recorded 486 cases of armed robbery, 180 cases of domestic and sexual violence, 542 stolen vehicles and 246 murders. This is just a little out of the experiences of the nation as a whole.

To conclude, something needs to be done about this issue, not tomorrow or the next, but now because the country is in a predicament and could do much better once the threats are neutralized. They are issues that are well within the Nation’s capabilities, which begs the question, why is nothing being done?




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