Al-Furqan Jame Masjid Mosque Attack

Key details:

14/08/2016 from UK

  • The killing of Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Uddin, 64 happened on Saturday afternoon, the 13th August near the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid mosque in Queens.
  • While investigators have not established a motive in the attack, the neighbourhood’s Bangladeshi Musim community people state that ”this was a hate crime. One hunded percent, there’s no doubt about it”.
  • Monir Chowdhury, who worshipped daly with Akonjee and Uddin said he has felt the modd in the neighbourhood change drastically in the last few months and blamed Republican presidential nominee Donld Trump for spreading what he believes is anti-Muslim rhetoric.
  • More than 100 people attender a rally Saturday night and chanted ”We want justice!”
  • Police released a sketch early Sunday, 14th of a dark-haired, bearded man wearing glasses of medium complexion.





  • NYPD arrested Oscar Morel, 35 Hispanic man of Brooklyn who can be linked to the killing of two men.
  • He is charged with 2 counts of Murder and 2 counts of Criminal Possession of a weapon.
  • De Blasio, NY Mayor, made a statement on Monday, 15th promising an extra police protection around mosques in the coming days.
  • Community leaders who also spoke on the funeral called on the police to add more security cameras to the corners of city mosques and bring more patrols to the neighbourhood.
  • Anwar Khan, who read a list of demands for city officials on behalf of ”the victims’ families and the communities” stressed out that ”this bigot acted upon his hatred, fueled and motivated by the constant rhetoric and xenophobic statements against minorities and Musims by the politicians and candidates seeking the highest office in the land”.