Ahmad Khan Rahami

Key details:

19/09/2016 from the Japan

-Ahmad Khan Rahami is a U.S. citizen of Afghan descent born in Afghanistan on Jan. 23, 1988, according to the FBI.

-Authorities said his last known address was in New Jersey.

-Court records show that several members of the Rahami family had owned and operated the fried chicken restaurant which is located a few miles from Newark Liberty International Airport since 2002.

-He had been living with his family in Elizabeth, not far from where he was arrested. Associates said that several years ago Mr. Rahami traveled to his homeland and when he returned, he showed signs of radicalisation.

-Neighbours had complained to Elizabeth officials that the family restaurant was a late-night nuisance. In 2011, the Rahami family sued the City of Elizabeth and several police officers, alleging they had been inappropriately cited for keeping their business open past 10 p.m. and harassed by police.

-On one occasion when the police came to force the restaurant to close, one of Mr. Rahami’s older brothers got in a fight with a police officer and was arrested. Before the case could be resolved, the son fled to his home country, Afghanistan.

-They alleged a man in the neighbourhood told them “you are Muslims” and “Muslims make too much trouble in this country”.

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