A transgender soldier in the British army has become the first female to serve on the frontline

Key details:

17/09/2016 from the UK

– 24 years old, Chloe Allen was borned as a boy
– Discover began when dressing in her mother’s clothes when she was eight
– Joint Scots Guards 4 years ago as a male
– informed her boss that she wants to live as a woman
– went to process of gender reassignment (Allen, from Ben to Chloe)
– The British Army is proving itself as an inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive (said Commander of the Field Army)
– David Cameron changed rules in July this year to allow women in front-line Ground Close Combat units after a historic ban




This improves the image of United Kingdom almostly from the views of countries that are open to transgender, gaining scores and credits as it shows UK military is being supportive towards transgender. Chloe is special as she is serving the frontline and people could criticise her physical ability yet after positive comments and wishes from her boss and David Cameron that pushing a trend of “forward thinking” in military sector