A man shot dead in Las Vegas Starbucks

Key Details:

25/09/2016 from UK

-A man shot and killed in a Starbucks in Las Vegas, the suspect was taken into custody.

-Though an explosive device was suspected to be involved, the police department found nothing dangerous.

-Officers say he did not have a known connection to the suspect.

-The suspect was described by police as a Hispanic man in his 30s. An officer says the suspect has a violent criminal history and should not have been in possession of a gun.

-The suspect first went through the Starbucks drive-thru and his card was declined. Seeing the customer was agitated, employees gave the man the water he asked for.

-The suspect and victim had some type of confrontation inside before the victim was shot. The suspect also fired shots into the air and threatened to shoot the people around him inside the Starbucks.