Manhattan Explosion

Key details:

18/09/2016 from Japan

-More than 20 people were injured by an explosion in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan on Saturday night. The blast occurred on 23rd street between the Avenue of Americas and Seven Avenue.

-Of the 29 people hurt, one suffered serious injuries, said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.

-The explosion in Manhattan occurred about 11 hours after an improvised device exploded in a garbage can near the course of a charity race that was about to begin in a small town on the Jersey Shore. That device went off around 9:30 a.m. near the boardwalk in Seaside Park, N.J., according to the Ocean County sheriff, Michael G. Mastronardy.
-There were no injuries. The race, the Seaside Semper Five, a five-kilometer run and charity event along the waterfront that raises money for members of the United States Marine Corps and their families, was cancelled.

UPDATED: Bombs in New Jersey, Explosion in New York, Stabbing in Minnesota Mall



The explosion can be considered to be organised by a terrorists group or by an individual.  I think this massive explosion is too difficult for an individual to prepare for by himself. Multiple people could be involved in this incident. However, given the incidents in which a Muslim woman was set fire on in NYC a few days ago, we should take possibility into account that individuals, not an organised terrorist group, who have a negative feeling to multicultural society planned this explosion.


19/09/2016 from Japan

– ⁠Police forces investigate what caused an explosion where 29 people in New York were injured.

-Investigation shows that the blast was caused by the device placed inside or near the trash can.

-A second suspicious device was found nearby. The object appeared to be a pressure cooker with a protrusive wiring connected by a duct tape to a cellphone, according to officials.

-No one claimed responsibility for the explosion.

-According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, an explosion was an intentional act, however, there is no terrorist organization causing specific and credible threat to New York. Also Mayor De Blasio says they also believe that there is no specific connection to an earlier incident in New Jersey.

-5 men were taken in custody, in connection to the bombings in Manhattan on Saturday night.


According to Richard Quest, as wealthy people moving to Chelsea it became an expensive areas in the city. Also the area regarded and known for its inclusion of the gay community and the gay bars. Therefore, the incident could be possibly considered as a hate crime against either rich people, who make the prices grow, or gay people occupying the area. Furthermore, there is a possibility that there is a connection between explosions in New Jersey and New York. First, because of devices used and, second, because of dumpsters as the placement for the explosives.