[Dagless Kangero] Charlotte Shooting of Keith Scott

“We shouldn’t have to humanise him for him to be treated fairly”


The focal point of this paper is to evaluate the proposal that black Lives Matter is not a sword; but rather a shield. Currently happening in the United States is a massacre of the black people population and more specifically those targeted by the police force. It could be argued that these are systematic injustices against a minority social group based on racial chauvinism which creates the inferiority complex between two racial groups. The excessive belief in the required existence of a superior vs inferior order, rather than equality, is responsible for generating violence amongst the American people population as their actions are marked as objectionable in its racist undertones. The recent shootings and the subsequent riots in North Carolina has urged the government to declare a state of emergency (Maxwell and Eversley, 2016).


Lawfully, a person could only claim self-defense within reasonable bounds – you don’t bring a gun to a pillow fight. All evidence nullify the claim that the black male involved in the incident was armed (Valencia and Hanna and Almasy, 2016). He didn’t demonstrate any threatening or aggressive actions which would have suggested the need to attack him before he acted irrationally.


If, for the sake of argument, we were to consider the sentiments that the man involved in the North Carolina shootings was armed and if at all force was actually required, a less terminal weapon could have been used such as a taser in place of the gun in order to avoid taking away an innocent life. Regardless of whether the individual in the North Carolina shootings was armed or not, it could be argued that it was wrong for the police officer to automatically assume that the possession of a gun by a black male is for nefarious activities. An armed man is a potential threat but not an immediate threat and black males appear to not be given the window to reject the notion that they are a danger.


It must be noted that the riots that occurred consequently injuring and killing a people, should not be viewed as repulsive, but rather subjective. The voices represented on the streets during the riots are those silenced within and in front of the system. There is no other way known to the black population where officials or those with any sort of power would listen – but the streets. The streets is where they can get attention and public news in order to publicly orchestrate the reality of their rage and suffering stemming from the systematic injustices against them. As there is no limited capacity for such riots to occur, it should be expected that the numbers will only increase with any sort of retaliation posed by police force in attempts to compress their efforts. In other words, until black people feel they get the treatment they deserve and the platform to voice these opinions: they will not stop to try and grab the attention of those who have the authority to aid their cause.


The former alike incidents of police force attacks on black men have been questioned by the latest one involving a black on black crime during the riots in North Carolina. The question begs whether the race card could still come into play as this changes the precedent facts of alike cases.

However, this incident should not be used to back up the argument that black on black crime overshadows white on black crime as that is definitely not the case. The statistics remain that white on white crime prevails, and this one sole occurrence cannot justify these killings just because the alleged was “one of their own”. This is important in understanding that black lives matter is not interested in distractions created in attempts to justify their killings. This statement is referring to the stereotype that black people are already a violent group exemplified by the killings amongst themselves, therefore killing is what they are used to and this is the correct way to handle them.


These continuous encounters between a divided group is fuelling the election cycle in favour of Donald Trump which has been evidenced by the polls where he has begun to take the lead again. Contrary to this, the other American presidential candidate, Mrs. Clinton, is undesirably fighting for mending the bridge between the two people population and attempting to create peace at what is seemingly a war zone. Could her weakness in this argument lie in the fact that riots are destabilising the superior position of the white population as the supposed subordinate group is exercising power and sovereignty through the ability to vocalise their opinions and muster a high-powering utterance? Therefore, each time such events occur, Donald Trump’s campaign is commended in order to restore white supremacy as well as to continue to systematically cripple the minorities, in this case the blacks, in which Donald Trump has less than conventionally proclaimed.


White supremacy is not a historical concept. It is very much evident in the current era and the urgency in acknowledging this is pressing. Once this is comprehended, the better suited in creating a remedy for it because we cannot continue living like this. The truth of the matter is, the two people population have to the very least co-exist within the same space as they are both equally, and rightfully natives of America.



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Featured Image: http://abcnews.go.com/US/charlotte-police-release-full-body-dashboard-camera-videos/story?id=42487682

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